What do I need to setup a backup system with Reflection Backup Solutions?

Only an internet connection is needed! This completely eliminates the need to purchase expensive backup hardware and/or media. Also, as a bonus feature, our software will allow local backups to a destination of your choice without having to keep a copy on our server. This option allows you to backup your data that is not as critical, but still have the ease of an automated process.

How long does an online backup take?

Depending on the amount of data being backed up, the initial backup can vary from minutes to days. For large backups we use a seed load utility to put your initial backup onto an external drive and ship it to our backup facility. After the initial backup, our server compares its file store with the files on your computer and backs up only those files and even the portion of the file(s) that have been modified since the last backup. This minimizes bandwidth overhead and can take as little as 2 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Reflection Backup Solutions offers a 100GB 30-day free trial of our services; thereafter, you may purchase the software license, good for your entire office at $50.00 (a onetime fee). Storage is $4 per gigabyte per month with a minimum of 5GB. You are billed for data stored after compression. Most of our clients experience a 25-50% compression rate, even better with databases, email, and documents, saving you money.

How secure are online backups?

  • Once the encryption key is used, it is known to you and only to you. It resides only on your computer. The algorithms used to encrypt your files are 256-bit Twofish, AES, or Triple DES.
  • Backup files are first compressed and then encrypted with your defining encryption key before they are sent to Reflection Backup Solutions server. Our server enviroment is monitored 24-7 for the utmost security for your data.
  • In simple english, we use the most secure methods available to protect your data.